Restaurant Month – Soul goes Nola

Review of our meal at Soul Bar & Bistro for Restaurant Month.

There are 100s of restaurants in Auckland city that have a set menu each year for the month of August. They range from $25, $40 to $55 upwards.

Our first choice was Soul with a 2 course New Orleans style menu. You can add dessert as an option for $10.

I was really excited about this menu. Having been to New Orleans and having eaten the food there which is just simple ingredients made delicious.

We started off with fried chicken with hot sauce aioli and mint. This dish is what it says it is Fried chicken with aioli and hot sauce with mint leaves scattered on the top. Everything was yummy however I didn’t get why the mint leaves were scattered on the top.

I followed it with Monkfish fisherman style with collard greens and my partner had the creole lamb shoulder with hush puppies and celery.

My fish was beautifully cooked and the collard greens were great however there was some kind of broth at the bottom which I didn’t expect and it was extremely watery. It would have been good to have it on the side in a tiny jug to pour as needed vs having everything float in it

My partners lamb dish, the lamb was perfectly cooked and tender juicy. The hush puppies were fluffy. It was a perfect dish

Finally dessert I picked beignets with peanut butter jerk caramel and my partner picked black bottom key lime pie.

The key lime pie was so good. I only got one teeny bite since he refused to give it up 😉. I was really looking forward to the beignets but was really disappointed. I wanted the deep fried deliciousness that you queue up for at Cafe Du Monde. With powdered sugar sprinkled on the top and Carmel and peanut butter on the side.

What I got was deep fried stodgy batter with a hole in it where the peanut butter was piped in. This mixture had split and it was grainy. Once you cut into it the sauce overtakes the caramel on the plate. This was a badly executed dish. Never mess with a classic

Rating 3.5 out of 5

Total cost: 3 courses with one cocktail and one cider = $130

Next on the list: 1947 Eatery


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