Restaurant Month – 1947 Eatery

I have heard a lot about 1947 from various colleagues at work & from friends. All positive reviews. But when it comes to Indian food I am a tough critic. So today when we went to 1947 for their restaurant month menu I had high expectations.

The restaurant itself is right in the centre of town with big names like The Grill, Depot, Fed Street Deli etc just around the corner. The ambience is nice might be a bit too dark for people to read the menu. As you enter there is a rickshaw that is supposed to take you back to the streets of Mumbai it partially does that

We were greeted warmly and shown to our seats immediately. We were left with the menus for restaurant month and drinks menu to decide what we would like. We ordered the following:

  1. Lamb to start
  2. Main Lamb and Quail
  • There we various touches through out the night some gimmicky and some kitschy. The menu was printed on a postcard with the Taj Mahal on one side and the menu on the other which was a nice touch.
  • We were given roasted ground nuts 🥜 to snack on until the first amuse bouchée arrived. It took 28 mins which is a long time to wait for just a pre entree
  • Bhel Puri
  • We enjoyed the different flavors in the bhel puri and it did remind me of the bhaiya on the side of the road making bhel puri on a rainy day.
  • This was followed by Tandoor roasted lamb with masala fries
  • The lamb was perfectly cooked. But you could barely taste it as the sauce overpowered the lamb. The masala fries were a nice addition.
  • My main came in a pressure cooker with the quail nestled inside smothered in gravy.
  • The gravy was beautifully thick and delicious. The quail was cooked a bit over than pink and was fussy to eat as it wasn’t deboned.
  • For the next main we had the lamb shank. We are expected a nice chunky lamb shank however it looked like it was trimmed down. The lamb itself was cooked to perfection however the gravy was too sweet and had congealed by the time it got to the table.
  • Mains would have been fantastic if the quail was deboned as it’s too messy to eat. Also the gravy not being so sweet on the lamb would help unless the quantity of gravy were to be reduced.
  • A good attempt but not really impressed. I see what they are trying to do with serving the food in a pressure cooker and the groundnuts trying to give you a feel of India but the focus should be getting the flavors of India in the food.
  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • Cost: $97 for 2 courses, one cider and one lemonade
  • Next on the list: O’Connell Street Bistro
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