A healthy addiction….

My addiction to flying began when I moved to Auckland from Mumbai in 2006. So about 10 years and 2 months since today. My first flight was from Mumbai to Singapore. I had never flown before and had actual butterflies in my tummy….I had a massive frog on my lap (yup a stuffed frog) which was a present from a friend and he has travelled all the way from India to New Zealand. I was 21 almost turning 22 and the whole flight found it endearing that I was carrying a frog on my lap. My sister being the cool kid that she is found it plain embarrassing….anyways I digress. 
The first time I was in a plane just before take off my mum prepared us for what was to come….she said our ears would pop…she gave us a mint each that would stop our ears from blocking….what she didn’t prepare me for was the excitement & the thrill that you feel when the plane takes off. The pit in your stomach that even today after 10 years of flying still happens every time a flight takes off.

I’ve started a new relationship and my boyfriend said to me you would be an old pro at flying. Yup I’m an old pro when it comes to organizing flights, accommodation, checking in, getting the best seats etc. However that feeling of being in the clouds always brings a smile to my face and the buzz of flying never goes away. It’s an expensive addiction but a healthy one 😉 

So I’m on my way to Nadi, Fiji after a year of being there and I have left rainy and windy Auckland and a gorgeous boy behind. 

Rainy Auckland from the plane
Rainy Auckland from the plane

I really like being in Fiji. Last year my bestie and I flew to Fiji together and she said to me on the flight…once you get off you will feel a sense of relaxation hit you and I was like rubbish you are just making this up….coz there is only one place I feel that way and that is at home in Goa. But she was right. 

The moment we disembarked from the plane I had this feeling of contentment just hit me. My body just shifted into relaxed mode and normally when I am frantically rushing through the airport to make it out so I can get to the closest taxi rank and head to my hotel I was just chilled and didn’t care when I made it to my hotel or whether there was a taxi even waiting for me. 

I’m hoping this year being in Fiji will be the same. 


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