A Prime meal….

I went to Jervois Steakhouse in Ponsonby a couple of months ago and watched them bring out a prime rib. It looked amazing however the cost to eat one there was a bit much.

Spoke to the fantastic butchers at Westmere Butchery who said they had just the cut for me and they would set it aside for the weekend. I love going to Westmere Butchery…they are fantastically old fashioned with the butchers wearing sort of pork pie hats and the meat there is fantastic. Yes it is pricier than Countdown and Pak n Save but oh definitely worth the money. So for about $55 I got 2kgs of prime rib and headed home.

I had been looking online for easy recipes to follow and decided on one of my favorite chefs the Pioneer woman…Ree Drummond. I have tried her short rib and polenta recipes before and they have been effortless so I knew this would be fantastically easy. To help me with timings I downloaded the Roast Perfect App. It’s a great little app that guides you right from oven timings to resting time. 

I patted down the prime rib and look at this gorgeous piece of meat I mean have you seen anything more beautiful 

Preheated the oven to 250C. I then finely chopped some garlic, added sea salt, black pepper (the recipe calls for whole peppercorns), dried rosemary and thyme (recipe calls for fresh). New Zealand is quite expensive when it comes to herbs so I try to substitute with dried herbs as much as possible. She used a boneless rib I used a bone in rib. 

I seasoned the prime rib. Go easy on the salt here. I seared the prime rib in olive oil on a pan. Once it was seated I rubbed some more olive oil and added the crust I had made to the prime rib.

I put a meat thermometer in the thickest part of the rib and then chucked rib on high heat to sear for another 20 mins. You don’t want it to smoke. At the end of 20 mins I turned the heat down to 150C and slow roasted it until the meat thermometer said rare. It took about 2hrs. Follow the app it has the timing down to pat. Once the meat thermometer registers rare or somewhere in between rare and medium take it out of the oven and make a foil tent around your tray and let the meat rest for another 15 mins 

While the meat was resting I made some gravy with the pan juices and I also made some mash and asparagus to go with the meat. You have to let the meat rest it is a crime not to even though it looks utterly delicious. 

Once the meat had rested we just sliced it in thin slices. I really wanted to serve it up cave man style so I cut it like the image below and look at that red yumminess 

And once it was served up it looked like below…look at the beautiful marbling in the image above. It was an amazing piece of meat and we actually had enough meat to last about 6 meals. It was definitely worth every penny. 


i know its a big piece of meat….but look how good
I was daunted when I originally seen the piece of meat but it was not that hard and you just have to let it cook slowly and let your meat thermometer do its job….you will not be disappointed 


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