Roast Pork Hock

Cooking a new piece of meat is always daunting for me. The recipes I’ve seen around the Internet are all about Pork Hock soups but I was looking for something easy and quick. 

Scoured the Internet and found this easy recipe and it turned out fantastic. 

Use a sharp knife and score the skin on the hock. Pat it dry and then rub liberal amounts of sea salt and pepper. The recipe didn’t call for this but I finely chopped up some garlic and chucked it on the hock. I love garlic so I overloaded it with garlic as can be seen in the picture. 

Preheat the oven to 220C and then put the hock on a rack (even cooking) and then on a tray. Place a cup of water in the tray.  Once in the oven around the 20 minute mark the skin should bubble and crackle. Make sure it doesn’t smoke. Once the skin is puffed up nicely reduce the heat to about 140C and cook for 2hrs. Cover the tray with a foil at this stage. 

You know the hock is ready when the meat pulls away easily. Let it rest while you make some gravy with the pan juices. 

If the cracking is not puffed up towards the end of the cooking time give it another blast at 220C for 5-10 minutes. 

I shredded the meat and served it with gravy and mash potatoes 


Easy dinner for singles and an alternative to buying a huge roast. 


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