Matakana Village Farmers Market

Summer’s almost here and it’s time to take a quick road trip (one of my favorites) to Matakana for some cheese, lots of yummy food, fresh veg and some shopping for handmade jewelry, candles, soaps etc. 

leaving auckland behind

Whenever I need a break from Auckland I drive down to Matakana. It’s an hour from my house to the Matakana village…pay the toll online and drive straight through… 

Going through the tunnel

  It does get a bit crazy around warkworth but once you pass through its a smooth sailing. Matakana is quaint enough and such a different atmosphere to the buzz of the city

Once you get to the centre there is a round about which on the right hand side has the amazing toilets below (yes I said toilets)   

On the left hand side we have Matakana village a cafe that does everything from coffee to snacks to ice cream

  There is plenty of parking around the side roads you might have to walk a little bit from your car to the market. 

 The market keeps evolving they keep adding new little shop fronts…my favourites are the cheese shop on the outside of the market that does this gorgeous labneh that can be spread on toast or crumbled over a salad ($10)….the haloumi which can be cut up in bits and pan friend and tossed into a salad…they do a mean buffalo blue cheese burger too


Pork & Fennel Sausages, Labneh, Olive Oil, Haloumi and hand made rum balls

Buffalo Blue Cheese Burgers
  There is a the Salumeria Sicilian sausage place that does sausage on a stick ($4) & sausage in a bun with salad and dressing ($7).

There is a new place opened about a year old that does all things fish…their salmon bagels ($12) are delicious….can’t beat best ugly but close second… 

 There’s also handmade chocolate, olive oil, honey, nut butters, feijoa wine, fresh smoothies (recommend the purple tiger), whitebait fritters, pies and lots more 


Different bands playing all the time
Walk a little further from the market or just behind the parking lot you have the area where the old market used to be. This is now converted into an arts and crafts market that sells everything from second hand clothes, hand made jewelry, candles, photographs, antiques etc. I brought some candles for $28 for the large size….hand made chains with pendants $5.

You can buy your food and if you want to get away from the market and just relax go through to the little walk way along the market which will take you to the little brook. It’s quiet and idyllic. 

Steps leading to the brook/waterfall careful during rains
Come rain or shine the Matakana market is on…the prices are gradually getting pricey but the produce is worth the price.

Remember to take some cash out before you go to the markets as most of the stalls only take cash. The earlier you get here the better. You can get your dog to the markets they can hang with you on the outside however they have to stay with the dog minders (gold coin donation) before you go to the inside.

There are other stores around the market however they are expensive so look for a bargain. 

Matakana Village Farmers market:


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  1. I’ve never made it to the market there but thanks to your lovely photos, I’ll make sure to time it right next time we go.


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