Maroon 5 @ Vector Arena

Maroon 5 have been around for a while & a part of my life during my 20’s and now in my 30’s… seeing them perform on stage was definitely one of the things on my bucket list.

The Dirty Loops started the concert off…they were ok…a bit cheesy.  Maroon 5-3

Maroon 5 started the concert on time with beats from Animals after which they continued singing for a straight hour. Adam Levine stopped for a sip of water between songs while the band started the intro to the next song.

Yes people do like the interaction between the group and the audience however I have been on both sides of this where Macklemore spoke for about 1/2 of the concert and didn’t perform as many songs and that made you feel ripped off

Maroon 5-10 Maroon 5-5 Maroon 5-9

The concert started at 9 and the band stopped for a quick break at 10. They then started off with Adam singing an acoustic version of She will be Loved. You could hear the tiredness in his voice in certain songs where his voice was wavering ever so slightly however he didn’t stop dancing or running across the stage. His energy was contagious and he kept the crowd on their feet the whole time.

Maroon 5-50
Adam Levine & his hot pink guitar

Maroon 5-71 Maroon 5-76 Maroon 5-13

The sing a long for This Love with the crowd was brilliant and every one from mummy’s and daddy’s and teenage kids to young adults joined in with much gusto. Adam Levine singing Sunday morning was the highlight for me as the song gives me warm fuzzies and I managed to capture a video of the same.

All in all an amazing concert and it was a 2 hours packed with amazing songs & a great vibe. Vector Arena is not a concert hall it is a sports arena however Auckland is very limited with locations where they could play so the band did an exceptional job of making the specs work for them.

Maroon 5-96


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