Captain Cook Sunset Dinner Cruise Fiji

When we headed to dinner for S’s birthday at Port Denarau we were approached by staff from Wyndham to attend a time share presentation for a free dinner cruise. As explained previously we were on a budget for this trip so a 90 minute presentation and being able to hang out at the pool at the Wyndham Resort at Denarau Island was perfect.

Wyndham was fantastic. There were two parts to the resort the old and the most recently renovated part. The pool is the biggest in Fiji. The resort is kinda run down in places but they only showed us the display unit but peeking into some of the other units they did look great. The cost however was incredibly high so we decided not to go with it but got to hang by the beach and of course dinner for two on the Captain Cook Dinner Cruise valued at $149 FJD each.


The fantastic pool
The fantastic pool
The beach at the Wyndham
The beach at the Wyndham
Beach loungers
Beach loungers
The fantastic pool continues
The fantastic pool continues

The cruise company sent a car to pick us up but because we were at the Wyndham for too long we decided to make our own way to the marina. On getting to the marina we were early so we just hung around near the boat and took some photos.

the greeting committee
the greeting committee

When they were ready to leave they sounded the foghorn. We were greeted by the Captain, a Fijian singer & with a glass of champagne or a cocktail as seen in the picture below. We took our seats outside so we could see the sunset (called a sunset cruise after all ;-p)


After everyone was seated we headed off away from Port Denarau towards open waters. The sunset was the star of the night. The Fijian singer played some nice tunes in the background and overall atmosphere on the boat was quite relaxed. The drinks were reasonably priced compared to other Fijian bars. I couldn’t stop taking photos of the sunset it was just so stunning.Fiji-149 Fiji-154

Once everyone was settled they served an entree which was bruschetta (Fijian version) & lamb meatballs which were quite delicious however we could only have one each which was a bummer.


Dinner was ready and we were asked to head inside. For dinner there was roast veg, coleslaw, fresh salad, fish of the day, roast pumpkin (yum), peppered steak, chicken skewers & roast potatoes. You had the option of ordering the lobster tail for an extra $89 FJD we didn’t do so however they came around serving small lobster tails and I was happy that I didn’t order the individual portion as the lobster was definitely overcooked as it had that grainy consistency.

Small lobster tails BBQ'd
Small lobster tails BBQ’d
Peppered Steak
Peppered Steak

Again while dinner was going on there was lovely music in the background with the songs from Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith etc. Desert was baked banana in coconut cream (traditional Fijian desert) Vanilla ice cream (Tip Top from NZ) & fresh fruits. The baked banana was fantastic & with the vanilla ice-cream a yummy combo.


They ended the night with a Fijian culture show which was fun & we were asked to get together and participate. It was great night..I don’t know if we would have wanted to pay for it knowing what is now covered but if you want to go out on a dinner cruise I would pick this one for sure.


Captain Cook Dinner Cruise website

$149 FJD each & $89 FJD extra for the lobster tail.

Menu Brochure


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