Milse…a dessert experience 

ahh what can I say about Milse that hasn’t already been said a few hundred times in all the food review sites. Milse is a tiny dessert only restaurant. It fits about 4 tables and do not expect them to ever have a table free in the evenings. I have pretty much gone there every day of the week in the evening at one time or another and it is always crowded and they have sometimes a 2 hour wait. I like taking my little treat and head over to the benches a little further in the Pavilions and sit there amongst the twinkling fairy lights. Fairy lights and dessert perfect combination to make me happy 😉

Now let’s talk about the menu so they have ice creams, tarts, macaroons, and other cabinet desserts. They also have degustation menus where they surprise you with the desserts instead of you picking what you want. The macaroons are $2.50 and the tarts, petite pots etc are $8.

Chocolate tart

The desserts are made of unusual and some pretty brilliant ingredients the combinations of which lead to a foodgasm.

They do ice blocks as well…an all time favorite is the Bombe Alaska which is a take on the old fav dessert but in a gelato.  

Gelato cabinet

Bombe Alaska on the left
Salted Caramel on the right

I always have the chocolate verhona petite pot which has a layer of chocolate mousse, salted caramel and layer on the top of salty coarse nuts  



They are open pretty late on weekends and don’t be disappointed if you see a big crowd just grab whatever you want to eat and just head on down to the benches and enjoy!! 

Milse, The Pavilions at Britomart, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart, Auckland

$2.50 upwards 


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  1. The desserts look tempting.


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