a Better Burger experience

Now I love my burgers…there is nothing as satisfying as a juicy burger to bite into & the juices of the perfectly moist patty just flowing through.

Better Burger outside
Better Burger outside

We got to Better Burger around 12pm as G had been praising it for a while now & he wouldn’t stop talking about it through the whole walk there. On getting there, there was a queue out the door and people waiting in the rain. This to me is a very very good sign. The wait took about 15-20 mins after which we were served by Justin. Justin heard me mention Burger Burger another popular burger place in Ponsonby…i got an eye roll from Justin and he sarcastically said I was on thin ice…I ordered the double cheeseburger combo (fries and a soda). There are few options on the menu which is awesome because the choices are simple & uncomplicated and in a life where we keep making choices everyday this makes it super easy to pick one knowing there is very small room to go wrong.

Better Burger Menu
Better Burger Menu

10 minutes later we had our food in these gorgeous little Better Burger bags. Rushed back to work & couldn’t wait to get tucked into a burger that was so talked about. My first bite was this delicious combination of bun,pickles,meat,tomatoes & this yummy sauce they use. The patties were moist and juicy & had perfect seasoning. The patties did not taste of processed meat like most burgers do. The fries were crunchy skin on & had the perfect seasoning too.

Double Cheeseburger & Fries
Double Cheeseburger & Fries

For the price at $13.50 for fries, a very filling burger with a great bun to beef ratio & a soda could not fault this place as this what most Burger King and McDonalds charge & the burgers do not taste half as good as this one does. The crowds out the door prove this & so does th fact that they churn through a good amount of people during the lunch hour. They claim to be the best burgers in Auckland and New Zealand. Sorry guys Fergburger takes the New Zealand title.

Better Burger, 31 Galway Street, Britomart, 09-303 2541 #BETTERBURGER


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