12 Apostles & The Great Ocean Road

I have been to Melbourne previously however hadn’t visited the 12 Apostles so mum decided we should do the trip this time.

We left home around 8am as the drive takes between 3.30-4 hours all up. The drive there is stunning and you almost want to stop at every gorgeous viewing point and take photos

12 Apostles-2

We stopped at a beach on the way there and trust me there are a lot of beaches on the way there. The beaches are clean and stunning. Like I said it would be hard not to stop and spend forever there however remember the end goal.

12 Apostles-19

The roads are winding and the landscape changes quite dramatically from one minute to the next. One minute you have barren dried bush, followed by New Zealandesque landscape of rolling hills dotted with cattle followed by gorgeous beaches

12 Apostles-40

12 Apostles-4112 Apostles-45 12 Apostles-55

After driving for ages we were wondering are we ever gonna get there and out of nowhere we were there. Now once you get there you have to drive past to the parking lot and park. If you intend to take the helicopter thats the place to wait. However for the rest of us who were going to the viewing platforms we headed to the visitor centre. The visitor centre has ice creams, drinks and some food to eat. But it would be easier to carry your own food if you like. You walk down the platform very effortless and you come to one viewing point where you can see the view below.

12 Apostles-70 12 Apostles-103

12 Apostles-104

The picture below is what you see on the other side. This is also the view you would see when driving in.

12 Apostles-116 12 Apostles-119

The below is a picture of the second viewing platform. There are benches where you can just sit and take in the view. So you could very well carry your lunch down and just enjoy the view. It does get a bit crowded with all the day trips coming in from Melbourne so try to get here as early as possible.

12 Apostles-125

The journey is well worth it and the view is gorgeous the pictures do not do it justice.

12 Apostles-213


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