Why cant a guy cry? (except while watching ESPN)

Ever wondered why, when you are bawling away and you find your guy just staring at you, after one of the most painful breakups you’ve had. Not a single tear from his eye. Haven’t we always assumes the reason would be that guys are ashamed to cry? or they were just dehydrated? what is the deal with men and crying? So i just called my counselor, who is a man (yeah i called in the big guns on this one) and he told me something that all women have to know about guys!

Part of the problem with guys is that they live in near constant fear of making a girl cry. they are never quite sure whats going to open the taps. its tough for guys to let loose when they find themselves in emotional territory. But when their guards are down Guys do cry sometimes & sometimes inappropriately. for guys, their best chances, the best openings for their tears to flow are certain moments during the watching of Football games. Also certain songs by Bob Dylan, Pink Flloyd and a handful others. And most reliable of all, certain movies. A great example being The Godfather. Or when Lance Armstrong won the Tour DE France. This is something we women would never understand: that a guy chooses to guy over a guy who rides a bike but not for us!?

But for guys, sports highlights arent fraught with expectation or complicated feelings. Its easier for a guy to cry in the above situations because it is meaningless, & therefor safe. However at times guys do feel, it must be awesome to feel that kind of emotion and just let it all go, like women do. And this is probably one of the many reasons why men like being with a woman. We teach them. we teach them how to express themselves more freely, loosely and fully. However the rickety construction of the male image or ego has a strong preference for a man to be taken for heartless, rather than weepy.

Also one other thing men love doing: They read women’s magazines, hoping to find out what women think of them, anytime they’re safely left alone with one that is.


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