Doubtful Sound

We booked our Milford Sounds trip with Real Journeys but due to an avalanche we were taken to Doubtful Sounds instead. This tour is about 2 hours longer than the Milford one.

We left from Frankton to Lake Manapouri by a bus with a glass roof. The seats were specifically designed so they were turned towards the window.


From Lake Manapouri we boarded a catamaran to Wilmot Pass.


At Wilmot Pass we boarded a bus & headed to Deep Cove. This journey was the highlight of my trip. I hadn’t seen snow before so right at the top of the pass the driver stopped the bus so people who hadn’t seen snow before could have a play. He he needless to say it went a little cray cray



At Wilmot Pass we boarded a gorgeous boat which took us to the fiords. It was so tranquil. At the end of the fiords the boat was stopped and we were all quite to just hear the different sounds of nature.




After the journey through the fiords was completed we repeated the same trip back.




A long journey but well worth it.


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